Who is GrapeJuice?

What's it all


it all made sense WHEN...

Whilst sitting studying heavy dribble for our Sommelier Exam, it struck us how unapproachable and un-relatable wine was to our ol' mate, Average Joe. To Joe, it wasn't the cool hip cat that Nick and I knew. Someone needed to show him wine was the alpha and the omega.

This is where GrapeJuice was born.

GrapeJuice is all about a wine revolution, we want to change the culture of wine, making wine knowledge more fun, approachable and relatable...because wine is simply GrapeJuice. 

Saying no to the institutional, deceptive and demeaning forms of wine education. We don’t represent the expensive, high end taste of middle aged fat cats. We challenge the status quo by giving people the power to be confident and sassy about the wine they rep at a party, dinner or with their partner. We remove the intimidation of wine by becoming that safe place to ask questions and make mistakes.

At GrapeJuice, we care deeply about sharing our knowledge and value connecting friends, family and all to the winemaker, the land and the earth, of which we love and value.

These collaborations are integral to us and we want to be all-in, all-inclusive to champion the wonderful wine community.



Nick, Matt & Harry