Bar Brutal

Looking past the bustling markets of La Boquera and the pickpocket heaven of Las Ramblas and taking a walk through the back streets of this diverse city you may wind up at Bar Brutal.

Bar Brutal goes by another alias as well which is Can Cisa (their restaurant arm). This is a place where the hipster community of Barcelona come to meet. Each patron of this joint has quality tattoos and a quality personality. The vibe and atmosphere quickly put you at ease and allow you to focus on what you are here for…wine! Recognised as one of the best Natural Wine Bars in the world, Bar Brutal does not disappoint and has a painfully salacious list of Spanish and French natural wine. The bartenders and the managers all share the same passion for wine and natural wine and are always keen to show off the local produce.

The manager Filipe had a winning smile and a genuine interest in giving you a tour of the experimental scene in Spain. Like the Gaudi houses that give Barcelona a certain spritz, the nearby regions of Catalunya and Penedes are shaking up the traditional approach often seen in other regions like Rioja and Ribera Del Duero.

Filipe took us through some quality Pet Nats from Heir Mendell (the winemaker not the acclaimed Pastry Chef in the Grand Budapest Hotel). The wine had all the hallmarks of a natural wine (INSERT after research) and skin contact for days. This is what I imagine the doctors prescribes when he says an apple a day…I am sure he means wine with hints of apples?

This was followed up by Tint Sec, Alfredo Maestro’s Amanda Rose and much more.

But what about the prices, well any wine in Europe is also going to be a bargain compared to Australian retail prices (Thanks coalition government!) but these are true value. True Value in the sense that they are genuinely considerate prices and savings that they want to pass onto the customer.

As you wonder through the cobbled stone streets, you realise why this is globally recognized. A great selection at great prices delivered with great knowledge. This place sets out to create a genuine connection with its customers, not only for their experience but also to promote natural wine.

We will drink to that!

Freshly squeezed by Matt